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Leitrim Minor Hockey Association (LMHA)

The Leitrim Minor Hockey Association (LMHA) is a member of the Gloucester Hockey Association (GHA) and by virtue of its affiliation with the GHA, is a member of Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO) and Hockey Canada. The LMHA has jurisdiction to govern and administer minor hockey within Leitrim and/or any other district or areas so authorized by the HEO or GHA. The LMHA Constitution, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations govern its structure, elections and


  1. To organize, supervise and finance through methods such as registration fees, sponsorships and
    grants, minor hockey for boys/girls and young men/women.
  2. To foster among its members, supporters and teams, a general community spirit.
  3. To teach the fundamentals of hockey, to help players develop their personal skills, to instill in
    them an attitude of sportsmanship and above all, to give them opportunities to have fun as they
    learn and play the game through organized programs, activities and competition.
  4. To provide the opportunity for players to participate in house league or competitive/
    representative hockey within the LMHA or with other leagues and/or associations as applicable.
  5. To exercise a general supervision and direction over its players, team, game officials and Board
    Members with emphasis on the enhancement of healthy recreation, good character and
  6. To maintain and increase interest in the game of hockey by providing to all who desire, where it
    has in its power to do so, the opportunity to participate in hockey, giving due consideration to
    their individual capabilities.
  7. To use all revenue solely for the promotion of these objectives.

What People are saying about Leitrim Hawks

"Your energy and patience are outstanding, and I know my child had such a fun time and learned a lot. Thank you." - Novice C first-year parent

"Leitrim Minor Hockey Association consistently delivered a safe and energetic hockey program, as a league-leading organization, amidst a global pandemic." - LMHA parent

"The LMHA community of volunteers sets this organization apart.   Well organized, strong communication, and a commitment to building a love for the game." -Atom Rep parent

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