Rep B U13 (2012)

Coach Bio – Michael Murray

Hockey Experience:
During my formative hockey years in Kingston, I honed my skills at the AAA level and proudly
represented our U16 Midget team at the prestigious Telus Cup (formerly the Air Canada Cup). I then
moved to Brockville, where I continued my journey in Junior A hockey. This path led to a pivotal
experience attending a professional camp hosted by the Colorado Avalanche. Today, I remain
dedicated to the sport, playing for the Canadian Armed Forces men’s hockey team, which clinched
the national championship this past March. My passion for hockey has evolved from being a player
to becoming a mentor, as I now focus on instilling competitiveness and ambition in the next
generation of players.
Hockey Philosophy:
My coaching philosophy is centered on the idea that coaching youth hockey is about more than just
teaching the game; it’s about preparing young athletes for life’s challenges, both on and off the ice.
My primary focus is to develop their hockey skills and ready them for higher competition levels by
emphasizing hard work and teamwork—essential skills for life.

In each practice and game, I encourage a strong work ethic. I teach that continuous improvement and
dedication are crucial for success in any competitive sport. This approach not only enhances their
performance but also fosters the resilience and commitment essential for their future endeavors.
Teamwork is vital in my coaching. Hockey requires players to cooperate closely, and I use various
drills and real-game scenarios to teach the importance of trust and mutual support. This teamwork
not only shines on the ice but also cultivates leadership skills and social abilities crucial for their
future interactions.

Ultimately, my goal is to help these athletes excel in hockey and understand the discipline and
cooperation required to succeed in sports and life. By creating a supportive environment that
promotes both athletic and personal growth, I aim to prepare them for success in the upcoming
season and beyond, in whatever paths they choose to follow.


  • Capital Blues Hockey Fest, Sep 27-29 (Ottawa)
  • Buffalo River Outdoor Classic, Nov 15-17 (Buffalo, NY)
  • Bell Capital Cup, Dec 29-31 (Ottawa)
  • American Cup Lake Placid, Feb 6-9 (Lake Placid, NY)