Rep B U13 (2010)

Tryout Schedule

Coach Bio

Athletic Background

I have played competitive sports my whole life and played hockey at the AA level until I was in Bantam and I still play to this day.  I wasn’t the biggest or fastest player so my skill and hockey sense is what allowed me to compete at the AA level.  I did compete in many other sports at the local, provincial, national and international level.  I attended university in the United States on a golf scholarship so I understand the commitment to be successful on and off the playing surface.

Coaching Experience

My coaching career began in 2013 and I love it.  I have been a head coach, assistant coach and on ice helper from IP to U15 from house league to competitive A.  I have been involved with the Leitrim Hawks, Gloucester Rangers, Nepean Wildcats and some spring teams.

Coaching Philosophy

I have an ability to lead and relate to kids and teach them to get the absolute best out of them through a positive hockey experience.  This includes not only hockey, but getting the best out of the kids on a human level.  I recognize this is competitive hockey, but it is essential that my team learns how to win and lose with grace and be respectful of other players, teams, parents, coaches and referees.  I love to win, but I recognize that development can’t be overlooked, the winning will take care of itself.  My goal is to get the most incremental growth out of each and every player and I want the kids to be engaged and excited to get back to the rink each and every time.

Continuous improvement is important to me and I will work to ensure that each player continues with the progress as they deserve.  It is my job to allow for opportunities for all players and with my passion and encouragement I will help my players give their most each and every time on ice.  At the competitive level there should be some commitment to skill development away from the rink and I will have programs that focus on hockey skills like stickhandling, shooting, passing and hockey sense.  I will also have off ice programs geared to conditioning, hand eye coordination and team building.  My players will understand that we are a team and that each player is a piece in the puzzle for team success.

At the end of the day, it is hockey and fun is the #1 priority!


September 30 - October 2 - Capital BLUES Hockey Fest - RICHCRAFT - Ottawa ON
October 28-30 - Bell Capital Volunteer Cup – GRADS - RICHCRAFT - Ottawa ON
November 11-13 - Kingston Canadiens - Kingston ON
December 9-11 - Oshawa Hockeyfest 2022 - Oshawa ON
January 6 -8 - Green Mountain Avalanche - Jay Peak, VT