U9 Jamboree

Welcome to the LMHA annual U9 Jamboree.


Jamboree 2022 complete, see you next year.



  • To register please contact u9jamboree@leitrimhockey.ca.
  • Outstanding registration payments can be made via e-transfer to u9jamboreepayment@leitrimhockey.ca.   Please ensure you include your team name in the notes section of the E-transfer.
  • The 2022 LMHA U9 Jamboree will take place November 3 - 6, 2022 at the Fred G. Barrett Arena.
  • Teams will play a minimum of four (4) games
  • All questions can be sent to U9jamboree@leitrimhockey.ca.


LMHA will be using the TeamSnap Tournament App to coordinate and communicate with teams this year.  This is a different app to the regular TeamSnap app, but your regular account can still be used to sign-in.