LMHA Apparel

Approved Suppliers

The Leitrim Minor Hockey Association has five (5) approved suppliers who are able to provide team wear and accessories using the LMHA logo.

All Leitrim Minor Hockey teams must use one of these suppliers when ordering items with the LMHA logo.

At this time, there will not be apparel nights.


Accent Logos 
3188 Swansea Crescent, Ottawa ON, K1G 3W4

LMHA Apparel Link: https://shopaccentlogos.com/collections/leitrim-hawks


Barrhaven Source For Sports 
1581 Greenbank Rd, Ottawa, ON K2J 4Y6

LMHA Apparel Link: https://leitrimhawks.itemorder.com


Houle Sports 
2055 Tenth Line Road, Orleans, Ontario K4A 4C5
LMHA Apparel Link: https://houle.gearware.com/Shop/Store.aspx?sid=39


MegaCity Promotions 
810 Greenbank Rd, Nepean, ON K2J 1A2


Wilansky Hockey 
3280 Leitrim Road, Gloucester, ON K1T 3T5

Apparel Standards

LMHA Apparel Standards

Listed below are the apparel standards for Rep B and House League teams within the Leitrim Minor Hockey Association.

Game Socks: 

  • Supplied by Wilansky Hockey (Fred Barrett Pro Shop)
  • House League Home & Away: JOG Black Socks with green/white/gold stripes
  • Rep B Only: JOG White Socks with green/black/gold stripes

**These socks were new in the 2019-2020 and are mandatory for all LMHA players.
Name Bars:

  • 2” letters on 3” bars
  • Home (light) Jersey:  green letters on white bars in varsity font, all caps
  • Away (dark) Jersey:  white letters on black bars in varsity font, all caps  
  • Name bars are to be placed just above the number on the back of the jersey.

Sponsor Bars:

  • 2 ½” letters on 4” bars
  • Coordinating font and sponsor bar colour with the name bars depending on home or away jersey - varsity font all caps OR black letters on white bars - varsity font all caps OR sublimated bars for those that wish to have their logo as part of the sponsor bar.
  • Sponsor bars are to be placed below the number along the stripes.

Sponsor Crests (or badges):

  • Some sponsorship programs (e.g. Sens) requires crests (or badges) be affixed to the front of the jersey.  
  • It is recommended to use double-sided tape or loosely stitch these on for the required photo, but DO NOT iron them on (even if there are instructions included on the back of the crests).  Ironing them on will ruin the jerseys (and will require the deposit to have them replaced).  

:: Sample Name Bar :: 

***Name bars and sponsor bars are available for purchase from the Fred Barrett Pro Shop, Houle Sports and most of our approved apparel suppliers. 

*** Name bars and sponsor bars can be sewn on by personal or professional tailors.   For example, Houle Sports performs this service at a cost of approximately $5.00 per bar. Please note, teams pay a deposit for jerseys so it is very important to maintain the quality and integrity of the jersey when adding name bars.  If tackling this yourself, please be careful not to damage the jersey.  Leave it to a professional if in doubt.
Captain & Assistant Captain Markings: "C’s” & A’s"

  • Home (light) Jersey: Green
  • Away (dark) Jersey: White


  • All names, numbers, positions embroidered on any apparel will be in white lettering in the varsity font all caps.
  • The Leitrim Hawks Logo will be the appropriate approved White/Green/Gold Hawk with white piping around the edges.