Rep B U16 (2007)

Tryout Schedule

Coach Bio

Playing and Coaching Experience

In terms of playing experience, I’ve played competitive hockey in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick at the AA and AAA level finishing up my amateur hockey experience with a New Brunswick Junior B championship.

On the coaching side, I’ve coached my three sons over the last 10 (plus) years from IP to U15 within the Gloucester Rangers and Leitrim organizations. This past season, I was the head coach of the Leitrim U15 Rep B team and an on-ice helper with the Rangers U12 AA team. Over the previous 4 seasons, I was the head coach of the Leitrim U11 Rep team (2020-21); the head coach of the Leitrim U10 Rep team (2019-20); an assistant coach on the Rangers U12 “A” team (2018-19); and an assistant coach on the Rangers U11 “A” team (2017-18).

Coaching Philosophy

I have a passion for coaching and thoroughly enjoyed coaching both at Leitrim and the Gloucester Rangers over the past decade. Over that time, I've oriented my coaching philosophy into five themes:

Hockey is fun – As a coach, our primary goal is to ensure that the practices and games are fun. It is often cited that the vast majority of young hockey players into their teen years leave the game for a variety of reasons. My coaching staff will strive to make our players continue to love the game while improving their athletic skills through competition, teamwork and fun.

Respect – This theme is enforced 100%. I’ve always stressed to my coaching staff that we will ensure that the hockey experience – both on and off the ice – is safe and fun that seeks to build on key values such as teamwork, learning from setbacks and working towards a shared goal. I will be adamant that my dressing room and bench will be an inclusive, safe and fun environment where my players can have an opportunity to be kids while understanding that all 16 of them are part of a team. I demand that all of my players support each other and the coaches 100%.  I will not tolerate unacceptable behavior towards teammates, coaches, management, opponents or officials – either in the dressing room or on the ice.

Commitment – Playing hockey at any level requires commitment. My coaches take the responsibility to the team seriously and I would expect the same from the parents and players. This commitment would also mean that the players would come to the rink prepared to play or practice, have fun and give 100%.

Skill Development – As the head coach, I'm committed to develop a practice plan in conjunction with Hockey Canada guidelines for the U16 age group.

Keeping the Proper Focus – My expectation is that by playing "the proper way" - having fun, promoting respect, being committed to the team and working hard on skill development - the "winning" would take care of itself. I take pride in not being strictly focused on winning every game and tournament "at all costs" but playing the "proper way" as noted earlier. I would also ensure, to the greatest degree possible, that each player receives equal ice time in conjunction with the GHA fair ice policy.

I look forward to seeing the players in late September!



October 28-30, 2022 Rockland Coco Lemay

November 17-20, 2022 Oshawa Challenge

December 2-4, 2022 The Best of the Best (Halton Hills)

January 6-8, 2023 Capital Winter Challenge (Ottawa)