Rep B U12 (2012)

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Tryout Results

Congratulations to the following players for confirming their spot on the U12 Rep B Hawks for the 2023-2024 season. Have a great year! Thank you to all players for trying out this year.

Jersey #’s: 290, 292, 294, 325, 326, 328, 330, 345, 346, 400, 401, 403, 404, 450, 468

Goalie #’s: 366, 505

Last updated September 8th @ 9:25pm

Coach Bio

Coach – Kyle Fullarton

Playing and Coaching Experience
I grew up playing hockey in Russell at the Rep B level for the majority of my minor hockey career.  Since Russell didn’t have enough players to ice their own team we were amalgamated with the Metcalfe Jets organization the entire time. I still play now as much as I can both in some prestigious beer league hockey, as well as some organized league play as well. I’ve only recently made the transition to switching from a wooden stick to a composite. 
I’ve been on the ice coaching with my oldest son since IP4 in Leitrim, I’ve been an assistant coach each of those years and have gotten to work and collaborate with a lot of good hockey people. 
Coaching Philosophy
Hockey for me has always broken down into a few categories that defined my experience and love of the game and I hope to bring that experience to the players.
  1. Fun, the game has to be fun, that’s why we keep coming back. One of my goals is to have the players show up and leave with a smile on their face, looking forward to the next ice time.
  2. Competition, I’m a competitive guy, even when I am playing for fun, I wanna win. When it comes to competing, I want our players to push themselves to do as well as possible through working hard in practice and games. Kids will really surprise you, and more importantly, themselves, when pushing themselves to improve. It’s a really cool thing to watch happen.
  3. Skill Development, I believe in building the players up and growing their abilities, both on a team basis, and an individual one. I try to be fluid in my approach, each player has individual areas where they could use a more one on one approach. I try my best to watch each player carefully to identify those areas and work with them to improve. I’m a big advocate for skating, some of my players have enjoyed it more than others, haha. I view my approach as a hybrid of solid edgework and power skating.
  4. Teamwork, No matter what, we’re a team, we win and lose as a team. I believe a team is a group that picks each other up through the good times or bad. It’s important to understand the value of working together towards a common goal, not just for individual success. I’ve always said on the bench that it doesn’t matter how the puck got in the net, or who put it there, the Hawks team got a goal. 
  5. Commitment, It’s a long hockey season, a lot of ice time and a lot of time put in from the entire team, coaches, parents, and players. I value and appreciate the commitment from everyone, but I also do maintain a standard that I expect from the players. For me, that means showing up and being ready for each ice time and giving 100% of what you have to give, because I promise, I will give 100% of what I have to give as well.
Honestly, I just really love the game, it’s given me a lot over the years. I hope to provide the players with an experience that maintains and continues to grow their love of the game as well. One of the best parts about coaching for me has been developing really great repors with the players, they have unique perspectives and some pretty interesting and fun things to say the more you get to know them. I’m looking forward to next season, it’s my first go around as a head coach so I’ll be learning some things as I go too, should be fun!


Scarborough Ice Raiders Early Bird Tournament – 9/22-9-24

10th Annual CoCo Lenny tournament (Clarence-Rockland) – 10/20-10/22

Capital Winter Classic Tournament (RSP) – 01/19-01/21

Kingston Canadians Tournament Series – 11/10-11/12

Green Mountain Avalanche Tournament (Jay Peak) – 12/7-12/10