Covid HOW-TO Screening Procedure

All COVID contact-tracing measures will still be tracked directly in TeamSnap but participants (and their associated spectators) will also be added directly in TeamSnap instead of using the old LMHA COVID form.  .

There are a few instances that remain (e.g. affiliates) which still require the old form found here.

Please continue to complete the Health Check feature to confirm that you and your associated spectators have passed the provincial self-assessment screening tool.


  1. On a mobile device (iPhone/Android), open the TeamSnap App and select the event that requires a health check
    (Note: Health Checks must be completed on the same day of the event)
  2. After selecting the 'participant availability' tab and setting the participant's availability status, click the "+ Add" button at the bottom of the screen (see screenshots - left screenshot is Android, right screenshot is Apple)
  3. Select “My Availability Note" and include names of all spectators who will be in attendance.
  4. By selecting 'My Health Check', complete Health Check questions on behalf of participant and associated spectators.

That’s it, game on!

Tip:  If you are using a standard web browser (instead of the app), please follow these instructions to include spectators.  If you're still having problems setting an availability note, please make sure the app is up-to-date (via app/play store) followed by logging out and then re-logging in.

Remember: As a participant (or parent/legal guardian completing the Health Check on behalf of the participants and associated spectators) everyone agrees to follow the policies and procedures put in place by the City of Ottawa facilities upon entering the building where the event occurs

Still need to access the old LMHA Form for other reasons?  It's available here (and if you have time, please let us know why)