Exhibition Games

Exhibition Games

What are the rules and procedures for playing an exhibition game?


  1. Teams may only play exhibition games against sanctioned teams (GHA R&R 22.1).  A sanctioned team is one that is recognized by and registered through Hockey Canada or another official hockey body (Hockey USA, other international hockey bodies).  All Star, spring hockey, pick up or mixed teams are not considered sanctioned teams.
  2. No team within the Corporation (GHA) may play a game or practice with a school, church or other hockey team, except those teams that are within a league which is sanctioned by a branch of Hockey Canada or USA Hockey. (GHA R&R 21.3)
  3. Games of players versus parents, or games of House League versus Competitive/Representative players are forbidden. (GHA R&R 22.2)
  4. Teams may play tournament or exhibition games outside of ODMHA boundaries, which would specifically include any games in Quebec or the U.S., only after acquiring an approved travel permit beforehand.  (GHA R&R 22.3)
  5. Certified Officials (referees/linesmen)and Official game sheets are to be used for all league, exhibition and tournament games. (GHA R&R 21.7).
  6. All regular rules for team rosters, team discipline, fair play, and affiliation apply as if it were a regular season game.
  7. Suspensions handed out during an exhibition game will be served as per the Code of Discipline and carry forward to regular season game play.


  1. Acquire the ice for the game by purchasing it on your own or obtaining extra ice from the LMHA Coordinator, Ice.
  2. Book the required referees/linesmen based on your level of play through this portal http://www.d9ra.ca
  3. Prepare a game sheet through the normal procedures as per a regular season game, and make sure to have a scorekeeper and timekeeper.
  4. The referees will sign the game sheet as per normal procedures.  Any suspensions must be reported within 24 hours on the GHA website as per normal for a regularly scheduled game.
  5. See Suspensions in the LMHA Rules and Regulations for more detailed procedures on the process for reporting suspensions.