Game Sheet Instructions

How to Complete a Game Sheet

Please click the link HERE to find a detailed image of a game sheet with instructions on how to fill them out.  Please note this is a multiple page document.  You will need to view all pages of this document for full instructions on how to complete a game sheet.

Other important information:

  1. It is the responsibility of the Home Team to provide a game sheet, scorekeeper and timekeeper for every home game.   This occurs whenever you are the home team, regardless of the rink that you are playing at.
  2. It is easier if you prepare team stickers/labels of the player and coach information to apply to each game sheet.
  3. Once completed, HOUSE league teams must put one copy of the game sheet in the box on the door of the Gondola on the East Rink at Fred G. Barrett arena immediately after the game.  Game sheets not submitted may be subject to a fine from the GHA.
  4. Game sheets for both HOUSE and REP B teams, with any suspensions listed, must be scanned and sent to the Director of Discipline at
  5. Game sheets, where suspension has been served, should be scanned and emailed to the Director of Discipline at
  6. All game sheets from tournaments, WITH or WITHOUT suspensions, for both HOUSE and Rep B teams, need to be scanned and emailed to the Director of Disciplin at Discipline@Leitrimhockey.cawithin 24 hours of returning from a tournament.